Miss Rose’s little secret

Miss Rose’s little secret.

Truth be told, she is a girl with a very naughty imagination.

She not only loves sex, but also all other naughty things which can go with that.

BDSM is never far from her mind, but it’s not what you think.

She loves the be there for others to enjoy.

Tied up with with locked cuffs and chains or a bondage stock.

Unable to move.

To avoid the pain she is about to receive from, floggers, paddles and more, enjoying each, as she glows in her punishment, trying to scream through her ball gag.

Enduring the pain she revels in.

Wondering and fearing whats going to happen next.

What her Master has in store for her.

All nude except for her restraints.

Her nude wet dripping pussy all exposed, for all to see.

With her large nipples hard and made red from there punishment, slightly leaking.

When he enters her for is his pleasure in to her many holes, revelling in his power over her, to use her as he pleases.

Using her as His toy.

But slowly bringing her to her climax, loving the power it gives him.

Knowing that she willingly submitted to his power.

To be continued

Rose xx

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